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Bringing Insights to Help You Deliver Your Optimal Impact.

Helping Non-Profits Focus Their Work on the People and Places They Most Want to Impact.

Helping You Make a Difference

We work with you to provide you the information and support to be best positioned to be the most effective non-profit organization.

We help you...

Clarify Program Theory

Show how and why your programs address specific problems in your community.

Develop Metrics

Develop measurable outcomes and the structures to help you become a learning organization.

Establish Your Story

Communicate your impact and garner support/funding to take your work to the next level.

So you can...

Build your organization’s capacity for evaluative thinking and better understand the methods and uses for data-based decision making.

Gain a deep understanding of how your programs are making a difference in your clients’ lives and learn how to communicate this impact to your stakeholders.

Become an organization of learning. Develop an evaluation plan that demonstrates your commitment to learning and meeting goals.

How We Help

Why Insight to Impact

Local experts​
We are local consultants invested in the Northwest Arkansas community and the success of your organization. We understand the community and can help your organization identify the systems affecting your program’s operation.
Focused on your mission
We provide expert evaluation services driven by your organization’s needs and mission. We are accessible and strive to get to know your organization and programs. We work with you, involving you at every step of the process.
Strengths focused
We appreciate the work you are doing, expose your organization’s passion, and uncover the strengths that will ignite your organization and drive it towards success.

Contact us

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12 W Dickson St. #4125

Fayetteville, AR  72702


(479) 966 - 9030

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